Wiki and Biography of Ritesh Agarwal A Self-made Young Entrepreneur

Ritesh Agarwal is the CEO, founder of OYO Rooms. Yes, OYO Rooms known as OYO Homes and Hotels which is an Indian Chain, world’s third-largest and top two from China. Ritesh Agarwal is today’s world’s fastest hotel growing chain’s CEO. Ritesh has achieved the Thiel Fellowship which helped him to reach great heights. He was just 18 when he started his company OravelStays which later turned into OYO RoomsRitesh Agarwal wiki is quite fascinating so let’s get to it.
All this started by one person ‘Ritesh Agarwal’ and today we will discuss his life journey, biography, interesting facts many more. Ritesh Agarwal has achieved a lot in his early 20s and is also the top young entrepreneurs from India. He is an inspiration for many young people who are willing to launch their startups at an early age.
Quick Advice: Don’t forget to read the Facts section of Ritesh Agarwal below. It has some motivative, funny and intresting facts : )
Ritesh Agarwal also inspires me a lot to do things at the early stage. I came across Ritesh Agarwal on a YouTube video, I’m not remembering the name of that channel but that was the video that pulled me a lot to write on him on this site.

Ritesh Agarwal Wiki and Information

Ritesh Agarwal Wiki
Ritesh Agarwal’s date of birth is 1993 on 16th November. He belongs to a small town named Bisam Cuttack in Orissa, India and born and bought up in Titilagarh. Now the current age of Ritesh Agarwal is 25 years. Now currently he lives in New Delhi, India.
His childhood days were struggling as he came from a middle-class business family. Ritesh’s family always supported him for each and everything he wanted. And now he is the founder and CEO of OYO Rooms. That’s great!

Ritesh Agarwal’s Educational Background

Ritesh did his schooling from Sacred heart school, from Rayagada district in Odisha. Then he went to Kota, Rajasthan for preparation of IIT in St.Johns Senior Secondary School. Then he completed his graduation from the University of London.
He never went to college and was a college dropout. There are some reasons for his college dropout decision. The only reason behind dropping out of college was the eligibility of Peter Thiel Fellowship.
What is this Peter Thiel Fellowship? This is originally known as 20 under 20. And basically this is a fellowship for the students under the age of 23 where they are offered $100,000 for two years. Guidance and other helpful resources are also provided to them to drop out of school and do other work which includes scientific research, startups or social movement.
And only a few people with creative startups get a chance to get the Peter Thiel Fellowship and Ritesh Agarwal was one of them.

Ritesh Agarwal Career

Ritesh Agarwal owns OYO Rooms and we all know this, but there are some things which are not covered by people according to his career.
Ritesh’s career started long back, but the main and official career of Oravel Stays which is OYO Rooms currently started when Ritesh’s age was 18. As I said before in the above paragraphs about the Peter Thiel Fellowship which helped Ritesh at an early age to come uptill here, where he is now. Those $100,000 helped him a lot for the OYO Rooms startup.
He has been awarded many awards and recognitions and he is one of India’s youngest entrepreneurs.

Ritesh Agarwal Wife, Girlfriend?

Hmm… Yes, we’ll get to know about Ritesh Agarwal’s girlfriend or maybe wife in the coming 3 years or maybe more. According to many studies, Indians (Men’s) marry at the age of 26 and Ritesh’s age is 25 and in the year 2020 or till 2023 we will get to know it. As officially he has never revealed his love affairs, wife on Social media or anything until now!
But as this reveals I’ll update it to you’ll guys.

Ritesh Agarwal Net Worth?

Ritesh Agarwal’s Net worth has been massively increased after the successful launch of OYO Rooms. According to Wikipedia Ritesh Agarwal’s Net Worth is $365 Million.

The OYO Success Story

The OYO Rooms Success plays a significant role in Ritesh Agarwal Wiki. And hence knowing the story is more important.
OYO never got success overnight. Ritesh Agarwal came up with an aggregator business model that helped OYO to get more reach. The 7 success strategies of OYO Rooms are…
  • Asset Light Strategy.
  • End to End responsibilities for customer’s experience.
  • Predictability will bring repeatability.
  • Technology for speed and scale.
  • Focused team for Acquisitions & Expansion.
  • Feedback to feedforward.
  • Lowest Attrition with continuous training.
These were the success strategy of Ritesh Agarwal to build OYO Rooms. And I would like to mention that the business strategy of OYO is completely different compared to other hotel chains. Ritesh came up with his own ideas and hence his company is such a big capital.
And in order, if you want to know all the 7 strategies of Ritesh Agarwal in-depth then you can watch this video. Cause I have taken these points from Vivek Bindra’s video. Just to save your time I have explained to you only the 7 strategies.
I would not waste your time to explain the whole business model of OYO Rooms in this article itself. I have separately explained the business model of OYO Rooms, you must check out that.
Recommended: OYO Rooms Business Model.

Ritesh Agarwal’s Interesting Facts

There are few Intresting facts about Ritesh which are quite good to know. Let’s get to it…

Ritesh Agarwal Facts

  • Initially, during his early childhood he wanted to be a pilot, but then his elder sister during her engineering days once attended an Entrepreneurship fest and then came back told the whole thing to his small brother Ritesh. Then Ritesh opened the dictionary and searched for the word ‘Entrepreneur’ which then made him fascinating.
  • When Ritesh was in Kota, he used to take the weekend trains and go to Delhi to attend the conferences of Entrepreneurs.
  • During his school days, he used to sell sim cards, where his age was just 13.
  • Ritesh moved to Delhi lived in a Barsotti where he worked for most of the people for a year and a half and would go back to Kota for examinations and score well enough for my family to feel good, as Kota’s attendance was not that compulsory.
  • Ritesh’s teenage journey to be an Entrepreneur is inspired by Rahul Bhatia and many other entrepreneurs.
  • He is a college dropout and never attended college.
  • He is also featured in Forbes and many Newspapers.
  • Ritesh dropped out of college at the age of 17 to pursue his dreams of entrepreneurship.
  • When Ritesh was at the University of London for Business and Finance studies course, his brain would never be interested in that University and always attended the Entrepreneurship events.
  • Ritesh was the first Indian, Asian to receive the Peter Thiel Fellowship.
I hope that these facts were quite interesting to read, and you enjoyed it.

Ritesh Agarwal’s Best Speech

There’s a famous quote of Ritesh Agarwal where he stated that…
I believe that having the ability to dream big is one of the most important attributes of building a large impactful company
This quote I had heard in one of his popular interviews on CNBC-TV18 YouTube Channel. I’ll recommend you to watch this video which is not an Interview but a speech.

Must watch this Video of Ritesh Agarwal giving a speech. There are more facts but most of them I’ve either covered in the article above.


Ritesh Agarwal is an amazing personality and for me too he is an inspiration. Ritesh has achieved a lot in his early days but then too he says that it’s their day zero, where amazon says it’s their day one.
Lastly, guys, you all must watch the speech given by Ritesh Agarwal, and that speech/interview video I’ve already embedded above. So, don’t forget to watch that it’ll inspire you a lot.
So, that was it from ‘Ritesh Agarwal Wiki’ and Ritesh Agarwal Biography. I hope you have got a good knowledge of Ritesh Agarwal’s Background. Comment down below what and which phase of Ritesh Agarwal’s life inspired you a lot.
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