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We're counting down the days to the launch of the Galaxy S20 phones on February 11, and a new Samsung trademark application has given us some more hints about what to expect: special 'nonacell' technology that should improve low-light snaps.

Google says it's soon going to be cracking down on three types of video ads in its Chrome browser: unskippable ads more than 31 seconds in length, ads that appear in the middle of videos, and ads that cover too much of a video's playback window.

Motorola is being tipped to add three new phones to the Moto G8 series in the very near future – the Moto G8, the Moto G8 Power, and the Moto G8 Stylus (joining the Moto G8 Plus) – and now we have a leaked render showing all three new models.

Thanks to a new deal between Google and Tile, you can now use Google Assistant to track down items with a Tile tag attached: keys, a laptop, or whatever else. You can even get a lost Tile to make a sound through a Google Nest smart speaker.

The latest iOS 13.4 beta includes a mysterious mention of a 'CarKey' service, which seems a rather big hint that iPhones might double up as car keys in the near future. It looks like the feature is going to work with the Apple Watch as well as the iPhone.

You've seen the renders, you've read the specs... now see the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra and S20 Plus in real life, courtesy of newly leaked pictures. We're expecting both phones to be unveiled on February 11, together with the 'standard' S20.

We knew that season 2 of The Mandalorian was coming this year, but now Disney has got a lot more specific: the follow-up series will drop in August, the company says, and it's also hinted that spin-off shows could be on the way too.

A leaked listing for a Chromebook codenamed 'Mushu' suggests that more powerful versions of the laptops could be on the way – ones with dedicated graphics rather than integrated graphics, making them much more viable as gaming machines. 

Sony has announced pricing for some of the entry-level 4K TVs it announced at CES last month, so we now know exactly how much we're going to have to shell out for the sets: pricing starts at $699 (about £530) for the lowest-spec model.

Forget 4K, because phones are going 8K: the super-high-resolution video recording will be made possible by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor expected to be featured in several 2020 flagships, and we just got a look at some test footage.

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