Latest Tech News Jan 2020 : Nokia Foldable phone- Moto G8 Plus- Android support- Nvidia GTX 1650 - iOS 14


Motorola has more phones on the way: the Moto G8 Plus is already out in the wild, but we've got some leaked specs and renders for the Moto G8 and the Moto G8 Power, which will give you even more options in the mid-range Android market.

In recent years Motorola has been known for budget phones like the Moto G7 Plus (above), but rumors about a Moto-branded flagship are gathering momentum – and a new leak suggests this premium-level handset is going to come with a stylus.

Video-sharing app vine closed its doors in 2017, but now a new app from one of Vine's founders gives you another way to record and share your six-second clips with the world: it's called Byte, and it's available now for free on Android and iOS.

A recently published patent suggests Apple has some pretty radical ideas when it comes to the future design of its all-in-one desktop, the iMac. It could eventually take the form of one "continuous, curved surface" according to the patent documents.

Good news, potentially, for fans of the classic Silent Hill franchise: leaks from a reputable source suggest that Konami is interested in reviving the popular series of horror games, and the first new title could appear sometime later this year.

Given the success of the Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL (above), we'd be surprised if a Pixel 4a didn't appear this year – and code spotted in the Google Camera app has given us our most solid clue yet that another mid-ranger is indeed on the way.

Got a problem with your Android device? Use the #AndroidHelp hashtag on Twitter, and Google staff will attempt to offer you help directly, from the official @Android account... assuming they can deal with the sheer volume of incoming questions.

Leaked benchmarks suggest two new variants of the GTX 1650 graphics processors are on the cards, bringing upgraded video memory along with them – and if you're gaming at 1080p on a budget, they might well be worth having in your next laptop.

Every time Apple pushes out a new version of iOS in September, there's a danger that older handsets will get left out of the update process. Rumors suggest that won't be the case with iOS 14, which is set to support all iOS 13-compatible devices.

Foldable phones made a tentative arrival in 2019, but we should get plenty more in 2020 – and Nokia will be joining the party, if an insider source is to be believed. We'll also be getting four non-foldable Nokia smartphones during 2020, apparently.


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