latest tech news 31 jan 2020 : nokia next flagship_Oppo smartwatch_Xiomi Mi 10 pro leak


We've seen pop-up selfie cameras used to obviate the need for display notches on smartphones, and the next step is surely cameras underneath the display itself – a feature that could appear on a Nokia flagship this year, according to new rumors.

The best smart home devices continue to get updates and new features long after you've first purchased them, and so it is with the Nest Thermostat: it can now give you an early warning if it detects potential problems with your AC or heating system.

When it comes to phones launching very soon, Samsung may be attracting most of the attention, but keep an eye on Xiaomi too – newly leaked specs suggest the Mi 10 Pro (succeeding the Mi 9, above) is going to be packed with top-level technology.

You could easily mistake the device above for an Apple Watch, but it's actually a render of an upcoming Oppo smartwatch, shared through official channels. We could see the wearable announced some time during February or March.

Every year the Unicode Consortium – the body in charge of the text specs on phones, laptops and other gadgets – introduces a set of new emojis. This year we're getting a transgender flag, a mammoth, a hug icon, a magic wand and plenty more.

source/credit: techradar

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