latest tech news 29 jan 2020 : Samsung s20 specs leak_Apple SE 2_PS5 launch


If you're on the premium tier of Google's Stadia streaming service you just got two more games to play: survival-action game Metro Exodus, and mystery-thriller Gylt, a Stadia exclusive. Google is promising 100-plus new games over the next year, too.

With the February 11 launch date fast approaching, leaks about the Galaxy S20 phones are coming thick and fast – and the latest insider info to drip out suggests the S20 and S20 Plus might have a superior telephoto lens to the S20 Ultra.

According to a regulatory filing, Nokia could be preparing a feature phone similar to the Nokia 3310 above, but with a modified version of Android on board – exactly how that would work isn't clear, but the phone should be on the affordable side, at least.

We're expecting Apple to launch an iPhone SE 2 this year – which may or may not be called the iPhone 9 – and one of the most respected mobile tipsters out there has hinted that the device will support both Touch ID and Face ID for user authentication.

We know the PS5 is arriving this year, but when? And what will it look like? And how powerful will it be? All should be revealed when Sony gets around to organizing the official launch event, and a new trademark filing suggests that could be imminent.


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