Latest tech news 22 Jan 20 - galaxy s20 - Garmin's watch - New Xbox series X - Sony 5g phone

Latest tech news 22 Jan 20 : HIGHLIGHTS

More leaked info on the successor to the Galaxy S10 (above): the Galaxy S20 is rumored to have an on-sale date of March 13, more than a month after the official unveiling on February 11, so adjust your shipping expectations accordingly.

The new Garmin Tactix Delta is perfect if you want to play James Bond – one of its key features is a 'kill switch' that'll wipe your user data from the device, should you get caught in enemy territory. It'll also take care of all the usual activity tracking.

Netflix has revealed some of its viewing figures as part of its fourth quarter report, and it says an impressive 76 million people watched The Witcher – or at least two minutes of it, which is how Netflix measures its viewing figures these days.

A new Xbox Series X image leak has given us something we haven't seen before: a look at the console's rear. If the photo is accurate the Series X willhave USB, HDMI, Ethernet and S/PDIF ports, though the design may well change before launch.

How is Sony going to follow the Xperia 5 (shown above)? With the Xperia 2, a new specs leak suggests, which will feature both 5G and a 4K resolution screen – that would be the first time those two features have been found together on a phone.


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